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Aristel Powerbank Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - ERT2000 Ujninterruptible Power Suppy

The Online power supply that thinks for itself.

Powerbank Empire Series UPS is the smart way to
ensure electronic equipment continues to operate during a power failure.

Powerbank Empire Series UPS employs the latest microprocessor controlled technology with pure sine wave output.
The Online, double conversion process ensures a regulated no break supply for your Telecommunications and IT Equipment.

ERT1000 Features:

2U Rack / Tower Convertible
LCD Panel displays Voltage,
Frequency Load and Temperature
Pure Sine Wave Output
Online Double Conversion
1000 VA / 700 Watt
Batteries: 3
Weight: 17 KG’s

The Powerbank Empire Series Features:

Pure Signwave Online Double Conversion UPS
Rack Tower Convertible
Multiple Microprocessor Control Technology
User Friendly LCD Control Panel
Wide Input Voltage Range
Cold Start Function
Automatic Self-Test Function
True RS-232 Communication Interface
SNMP Adapter Slot
SNMP Network Management Card (Optional)
Low Heat Dissipation for Long Time Operation
Maximizes Protection against Lightning, Surges,
Disturbances, Blackouts etc.