CC800 – PN is a SayHi IP phone call centers developed by ESCENE, product fully meets the requirements of communication call center. CC800 – PN with 128 x64 graphic dot matrix screen, 4 line shows, support caller id, and Settings interface, Elegant user interface design, clear, vivid, provides users with more convenient and friendly interface, it has so many characteristics that voice clear, unique, compact design, functional and practical, easy-to-use etc. coordinate with VOIP platform realize powerful phone functions, such as call forwarding, hotline (immediately/delay), one key login logout, one key auto answer.

Moreover, CC800 – PN is equipped with DSPG chip, HD encoding (g. 722), to provide users with a unique, vivid audio experience, rich in call center function greatly improve the working efficiency.



  • Adopt the DSPG chipset
  • 2 100BASE-T Ethernet interfaces, support POE power supply
  • 128 x64 graphic dot matrix display, 5 lines shows (including one line display icon)
  • Support IP dial
  • PC Center software control calls
  • Distinguish between inner and outer ring, one key switch
  • One key login logout, one key open auto answer