IP comes to the DV38

IP38 Cabinet D1-CBMIPX

PSU + 4 Co + 99 x IP extension IP card which supports unlimited SIP trunks and has VM and AA included.
All the regular cards and handsets can be used with this cabinet as well as IP handsets.

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IP upgrade kit for existing DV38 models D1-IPXMBE

  • Which consists of a new M/Board # D1MBUE and an IP card # D1IPXA.
  • Bonus in the upgrade kit is the AA and VM included which will support existing digital handsets as well as IP handsets.
  • There are no licence fees for SIP trunks , VM or IP extensions.
  • The IP trunk card supports the range of Yealink, Escene and Fanvil IP handsets sold by Aristel.
  • You can even update old OMNI UF38 and Aristel AV38 main equipment with the IP38 ME and still retain the existing AV handsets by using the D1STU card!