Analogue Door Intercom with Voice Wizard


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SS VPA Analogue/SLT Door Intercom with Voice Wizard

  • Auto answers incoming calls.
  • Supports PSTN, PBX – SLT and FXS connectivity. 24 – 48 v line powered.
  • Disconnects on detecting busy tone or after 5 minutes.
  • A call is initiated by pressing the call button. Press again to disconnect the call.
  • Intercom call will disconnect if there is 30 seconds of silence.
  • 10 phone numbers can be stored in the door station.
  • The cadence and frequency of ring back tone and busy tone received by the door station can be manually programmed to match that of the PABX, PSTN or ATA.
  • Easy to program with the inbuilt voice wizard assistant.
  • A confirmation voice announcement is provided when programming.
  • For elevator use with Aristel’s intercom controller system, the door station has a ‘no connection’ detection feature.