NEOS3001 3G-01


The NEOS3001 3G01 For Elevators, Intercoms, Alarms and PBX

Supports all carriers – all areas 800/850/900/1900/2100 Mhz
• Take advantage of low cost capped SIM plan
• Seamless call set up (no silent periods)
• Ideal for PBX, Elevator Phones and Alarm Systems
• Hotline feature
• Australian ring tone and ring cadence supported
• Caller ID pass through
• Supplied with magnetic base antenna with 3 metre lead for best signal placement.

Wireless gateways can:
• Save on fixed line rental charges.
• Save on call costs to mobiles.
• Provide free calls to company intra-fleet mobiles.
• Provide fail over protection for inbound calls