Advanced Enterpise IP Phone – IP400


The IP400 is designed for maximum efficiency and productivity in the everyday business environment. It comes equipped with the TI-TITAN chipset and delivers high definition voice quality to the handset and speaker via the G-722 HD codec. With 3 VoIP accounts and 6 DSS program keys, the IP400 can support IPBX features like busy lamp field, call park, call pickup, paging and voice recording. The large graphic LCD is interfaced with 4 soft keys and a 4 way navigation key array for ease of use. The interfaces include 2 x LAN, Headset and DSS expansion module ports.

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  • TI TITAN chipset and TI voice engine
  • 3 VoIP accounts, 132×64 graphic LCD
  • HD Voice: HD Codec, HD speaker, HD handset
  • BLA/BLF, XML Phonebook, PnP
  • 6 DSS keys, 2xLAN, Headset, Expansion module