AN1603-200 MULTI (E3
AN1603-200 MULTI (E3


Product Description

AN1603-200 3G DOOR INTERCOM & ACCESS CONTROL – Up To 200 Apartments

The Aristel AN1603-200 3G Door Intercom is a multi-function system designed to eliminate the cost of expensive cabling when installed in existing apartments or retirement complexes. The intercom uses a 3/4G SIM card and supports all networks.

Product Features

• Illuminated call button and keypad
• Intercom can call up to 3 numbers sequentially to each of 200 apartments.
• Remote access control of 2 gates or doors.
• Up to 1150 authorized guests can activate the door release by calling the intercom.
• Door open with PIN code
• Supports 384 PIN codes for staff access.
• IP65 rated aluminium cabinet.
• Anti vandal aluminium housing – SMS Tamper Alerts.
• Set up vis SMS/Smartphone APP/PC